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stumbling down memory lane.


so, my name is kat, i'm about to turn 35, and i was a mad penfriender from 1987-1995ish. for the entirety of my penpalling, i went by my middle name mary. since i am old, and somewhat decrepit, i have the most terrible time remembering all the people i wrote to....


i used to use the back pages of smash/star hits and the lovely other voices.

people i remember writing to:

audrey/mistress morgana from CA
ramsey simon from CA
antoinette schindler from NY
joseph/drowning man from NY
kristine from matawan, NJ
paisley zenobia from NJ
brigid gergen from TX
klea owens from CA
roland from CA

i know there's about a million more....but gah. i just can't jog my memory. i know i wrote to a tatiana once, but i don't think we actually kept up correspondence.

miss brigid and i wrote for several years, and she published a tiny zine called delilahs eyes.

if this is familiar to anyone, do say hello.
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