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give me the bye on this one ok?

After a few days at the parents house with skd1976, we ended up going through stuff which lead to the
unearthing of even more f.b.'s ..The prize this time was that i found a lj friend alyssa_corinne amongst the pplers, though i didn't know her at the time.

I loved the back page of the f.b. and thought i would spread a little old school love and invite you to the same in the comments section. This imaginary f.b. page is for batvomit because he
started this community.

love to xelucha write soon

hi to alyssa_corinne with much robert love:)

-FREE- luv to skd1976


ok , now your turn
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written in silver ink script, of course:

"Ice in my eyes and eyes like ice don't move..."

Robert kisses to the lovely zardalu

It looked better before i remembered that lj would just squish all the type together...thanks for playing my reindeer games. I miss f.b.s...not enought to do them mind you, but i miss getting mine back.
I used to write such gawd-awful crap on that back page! I'm sure I did write the above in more than one back in the day! :P Yeah, LJ is just not good for this. :)

I always want to do fbs again, but then when someone sends me one, all I want to do is keep it. :P I guess I don't have the creativity (and time!) that I used to have!
rozz kisses to omie XOXOXOX

and how the hell did i wind up not writing to you PA girls back in the day?
i have no idea! I keep trying to find you in an old f.b....i found someone in your town, but not you-what gives?
I'd rather be friends now though.