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other_voices's Journal

Other Voices-a Curefriends penpalling community
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This is a community for people who are or were into pen palling and friendship books, particularly those who were members of the Cure fanclub/fanzine Other Voices.

This community was created by batvomit and apocalypso23 and is currently maintained by batvomit. Please contact him at BattVomit@yahoo.com or IM Batvomit on AIM for any community related issues.

We also have a myspace page OtherVoices created and maintained by omiewise Please join us there as well!

Anyone into pen palling is welcome to join, though this community is primarily geared towards those of us who spent their angsty teenage years writing tragic letters and decorating friendship books by candle light and sending beautiful packages of glitter, incense and mix tapes of their favorite goth bands.

Members are encouraged to talk about their pen palling experiences, try to track down old pen pals they lost touch with, correspond by mail, trade friendship books, post pictures (of reasonable size please), trade gifts/packages/music, basically the same stuff you used to do as pen pals!

Rules/Guidelines are as follows:

Members should be former pen pallers or interested in pen palling.

No petty bickering, insults, flaming. All Other Voices members are expected to respect one another.

Topics should remain at least somewhat pen pal related. I'm not going to be too strict on this. Just please try to refrain from anything blatantly off topic.

No trolling, no stupid quizzes.

No racism, homophobia, attacks on people's religious/political/personal beliefs or opinions will be tolerated.

Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines will result in a warning. Failure to obey any warning will result in you being banned from this community. Any posts or comments failing to adhere to these rules will be immediately deleted.

Please report any problems or violations to me. My contact info is listed above.

All new members are encouraged to introduce themselves. If you are a former (or present) pen paller, you are encouraged to post pictures, fb pages, tell us who you wrote/write to, who you've lost touch with that you would like to find again, etc.

Also PLEASE, upon joining, supply your former and/or current pen name(s) (and location, if desired) so that your info can be listed in the member pen name directory below:

Member Pen Name Directory

batvomit Lestat, Nothing, The Kissing Boy from Rogersville TN, presently Jonesborough, TN
xelucha Sarada from Bordentown,NJ
alyssa_corinne Charlotte Sometimes, Alyssa from Millersburg OH
hyacintheraven Hyacinthe Raven, Camus' Child from Cleveland, OH
xiane Lady Christiane from Charlottesville, VA, presently Baltimore, MD (she also used to run the zines Boneyard and Through the Trees)
mediaexmachina Teardrop, Genevieve from Durham, NC
teevee Tara Princess Flower, Whore of Babylon from Mantua, OH (now lives in AZ, member of Lycia, musician Tara VanFlower)
staciemeow Stacie from Piscataway, NJ
fireworkgirl Darla, Krimsin from Flint, MI
omiewise Azzi, Fiendess Azzi from Jacobus, PA
mesmerize77 Nicole Taylor, Mesmerize from Towson/Baltimore, MD
motes Anne, Morticia from Townsend, MA
zardalu Blood Angel from Tuscon, AZ
skd1976 Sarah/Apricot Snake from Jacobus, PA
ladytatiana Tatiana de Profundis, Sad-Eyed Angel, Broken Girl, the Fair Ophelia originally from Middlebury, CT, also Seattle, Charlottesville, VA, and presently Boston (co-editor of Notre Sagesse of "the Gothic Mission")
cherrystarz Kym/Kymmy/Kymberly from Towson/Baltimore, MD, presently in NJ
oig One Imaginary Girl, Imagination from CT, now in VT
anotheralice Devon, Another Alice from TN
sootygrrl13 Sooty from Downey, CA